Marketplace Essentials

Learn the basics related to logging in, creating and managing surveys, and configuring your account

    Manage Buyer Settings

    The Manage Buyer Settings is where you map out our Transaction_ID variable, enable PureSpectrum security redirect link hashing, and/or manage your Decipher mapping library.

    Variable Mapping

    The Variable Mapping page is used to map the PureSpectrum Transaction_ID  variable to what a buyer calls them (ex. PID, ID, RID, etc.) so that a buyer's survey collection system can receive and return them back on our redirect links. 

    To change our Transaction_ID  variable name, you can click on the person icon drop-down arrow, located on the top right of your dashboard, and select "Manage Buyers Settings". 

    From there, you should be on the Variable Mapping tab.

    Here you can change the value in “Transaction ID” to your desired key name.

    If you run multiple surveys on different platforms, you may check the boxes for additional transaction variables.

    we can also pass through our respondent's PSID and/or our Supplier ID in the buyer's survey entry link by checking the boxes accordingly.

    If you enable SHA1 hashing, all respondents returning from your survey must include a SHA1 hash value in the complete redirect link. Only enable this feature after discussing technical requirements with PureSpectrum support. 

    For more information on how to implement our SHA1 or SHA2 security hashing redirect see our Security Hashing Doc_2019.pdf

    For more information on how to implement our Decipher SHA1 hashing, see pages 10 to 11 of our Decipher Integration Guide.

    Click on the "Save Buyer Settings" button after any changes have been made.


    Select the Hashing tab from your Manage Buyer Settings to open your Hashing mapping library. 

    Enable your desired hashing options by clicking the "Yes" circle. 

    Enter your shared private key (case sensitive) for hashing.

    Click on the "Save Buyer Settings" button to save any changes. 


    Select the Decipher tab from your Manage Buyer Settings to open your Decipher mappings library.. 

    The manage Decipher setting is used for those who have the Decipher Integration feature enabled in their account. If your programmed Decipher qualification IDs are the same ID for each survey created in Decipher, it’s best to add and define them in your Decipher Mappings Library in PureSpectrum. Once saved in your library, surveys imported from Decipher will automatically map out the qualification ID with the PureSpectrum qualification, eliminating the need to re-map each time you import a new survey. 

    Enter your standard Decipher Qualification ID and map accordingly with the Qualification for PureSpectrum.

    Click on the ">" button to map out the qualification.

    To add additional Qualification IDs, click on the “+” sign.

    Click the "Save Decipher Settings" after mapping out qualifications. 

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