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    Review Key Survey Metrics

    This article covers how to review the Key Survey Metrics in the platform. 

    When you first open your project to manage, you will see the following key metrics to your survey.

    Fielded vs Goal Progress

    Shows how many completes are currently captured vs the intended goal



    Once the project reaches the intended goal, the survey status will automatically change to Paused

    Adjusted Completes

    Highlights any completes which have been adjusted

    If you hover over the "i", this will show the net number of completes that have either been manually fixed or have been reconciled by the buyer.

    Total Costs

    Shows three different costs for the project

    Cost Type What it Shows
    At Launch Original CPI X goal number of completes 
    Projected ((Goal Completes - Fielded Completes) X Current Avg CPI) + Current Costs
    Current The total costs of the project at the current time


    CPI Type What it Shows
    Projected (Projected Costs + Current Costs) / Goal Completes
    At Launch Original CPI provided at Launch or CPI entered in operator override section
    Current Current CPI entered in operator override section or Average CPI if not using price override
    Average Sum of (each CPI X each complete) / current completes


    LOI Type What it Shows
    At Launch Length of Interview entered during setup
    Overall Median LOI of all respondents
    Recent LOI of the most recent block

    incidence Rate (IR)

    Incidence Type What is Shows
    At Launch Incidence Rate entered during setup
    Overall Completes / Valid Clicks
    Recent IR of the most recent block

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