Marketplace Essentials

Learn the basics related to logging in, creating and managing surveys, and configuring your account

    Finalize and Launch

    After entering your project specs and defining your audience, you can click on the "Finalize and Launch" button to enter the Final Setup page.

    Enter and Test Survey Entry Link

    How to Enter Your Survey Entry Link

    After you've entered in your survey information and defined your audience, click on the "Finalize & Launch>" button at the bottom of the page. 

    Enter your survey entry link in the “Live URL” field.



    For PureSpectrum to properly record respondent actions, we append a [transaction_id] in the Redirect URL. When returning the respondent back to PureSpectrum, we need both the [transaction_id] & appropriate status [st].


    [transaction_id] is the unique, Per Session Transaction ID.

    [st] is the status code for Complete, Term, Overquota, or other redirects


    We will take your entry URL, and append “&transaction_id=[transaction_id]”.

    For example will become .

    If you need to receive transaction_id in a different form, review the  Manage Buyer Settings instructions. 

    The Test URL is used to create the “Test Link” that is available to both you & the suppliers that you have chosen. If you have a variation of your live URL that is used for testing, enter it in the "Test URL" field. 



    If no “Test URL” is present, the “Live URL” will be used to create the “Test Link”. Additionally, the “Test Link” adds security bypass variables to allow for testing.

    Before testing and launching your survey, please be sure our redirect links are implemented.

    After the respondent is finished taking the survey, you must redirect them back to us, including the [transaction_id] & appropriate redirect status [st] code.

    Redirect Codes are as follows:

    Status Status Code
    Complete  21
    Termination  18
    Over Quota 17
    Quality  20
    Dedupe  30

    Returned URLs should follow:

    Status Redirect
    Over Quota[transaction_id]

    If using the Qualtrics platform, Returned URLS should be implemented as follows:

    Status Qualtrics Redirect
    Over Quota${e://Field/transaction_id}

    Testing Your Survey

    To test your survey, click on the blue "Test" button.

    Enter your pre-screening criteria.

    Once you enter your survey, make sure you complete and screen out of your survey.

    If redirected correctly, you'll land on our "Successfully registered a..." page will see the test respondent's survey status as well as the test transaction_id we passed through. 

    If redirected incorrectly, you'll land on our "Uhh-Ohh" page.

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    Manage Billing

    To enter a project's PO number for invoicing, add it under the "Billing" field box.



    If you create multiple surveys on our platform that are for the same project, enter the same PO number in the "Billing" field to consolidate them on the invoice as one project.

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    Filter Audience

    Include/Exclude Previous Respondents 

    If you would like to include or exclude specific respondents from your survey, set the toggle switch to either "Include" or "Exclude" those respondents. 

    Download a template and fill in the list of PSIDs you would like to either include or exclude from your survey.

    Once you've saved the downloaded template, select "Upload Respondent List". 

    Once uploaded, select 'View Respondent List" to review the IDs which will either be included or excluded from the survey. 

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    Survey Grouping

    To exclude respondents that have participated in previous surveys, enter the previous survey IDs in the Survey Grouping field box, separated by a comma. 

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    Save Draft Survey

    You can save your survey setup and this will be saved in your Drafts dashboard.

    To save your survey, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save..." button and choose the type of Draft. 

    Option Result
    Save Saves your current survey to your Drafts
    Save and Clone Saves and opens a new survey with all information carrying over
    Save and Create New Saves and opens a new blank survey to start from scratch

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    Soft Launch

    To add a soft launch to your survey, toggle to switch to "on".

    Enter either the number of soft launch completes or add a percentage of total sample. 



    The soft launch feature will pause the survey after the estimated number of Buyer Survey Starts has been reached. This number is based on the stated Incidence Rate. If the number of completes is met before this goal is reached, the survey will be paused. The survey may pause due to performance before the soft launch is met.

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    Launch Survey

    When ready to field your survey, click on the "Launch Your Survey" button.

    A new pop-up will appear asking you to review your targeting audience, pricing, and supplier allocation. It will also ask to confirm you have tested your survey. This is very important to make sure redirect links are implemented correctly. Once confirmed, you can click on the "Launch Your Survey" button.

    After clicking the "Launch Your Survey" button, you'll find your survey located under the "Live" tabs in your dashboard. 

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